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Tom Savoy "Four CD Box Set"


Tom Savoy is a long-time performer with a vast repertoire and a rabid following. In a unique relationship employing two studios, Tom writes all the music and lyrics, records all instruments and vocals in his Studio 81, and then transfers all tracks to Wes’ Music/Media studio for discussion, mixing and mastering. Tom and Wes formed a publishing company, Twelve Days Apart Publishing, and released 4 full length CDs, each featuring 13 original tunes, superbly mastered with full lyrics and beautiful packaging. The Box Set is currently available at tomsavoystore.com , or at shows. There is currently a fifth CD in production.

Jamie Kent   "Navigation"

Wes produced this studio recording from Jamie Kent in the winter of 2012. Recorded at Spirithouse Studios with his long-time friend Danny Bernini at the board, the result is a vibrant blend of jazzy folk pop. Danny, Jamie, and Spirithouse co-owner Paul McNamara co-produced.

Jamie's first CD "Neotony", released in the Spring of 2010 to enthusiastic reviews, and his acoustic CD-EP "Basically Unplugged" from the Winter of 2011 were both produced by Wes and recorded, mixed and mastered at Music/Media in Northampton.

The Primate Fiasco "Wheels on the Bus"

In late spring of 2010, Wes again returned to the studio with the highly-acclaimed pyschedelic dixieland band, The Primate Fiasco, this time to record a children's album. But because it was the Primate, this is no ordinary children's record. Released in June 2010, it feature's amazing arrangements of traditional and not so traditional children's music. Always fun, always creative, always just a little bit skewed...but never boring. "WOTB" was recently picked by Parent Magazine as the best childrens record of the year and was on the 2010 Grammy Ballot for "Best Musical Album for Children"

In 2008, Wes co-produced The Primate Fiasco's first album, "Geek Dreams"

Free Like Me "Recording In Progress"

Wes is pleased to be working with the talented group, Free Like Me, on a new batch of recordings. Led by singer-songwriters/multi-instrumentalists, Lucy Gallant from Byron Bay, Australia and Daniel Urbina from Mérida, Venezuela, they are now based in Miami. With a sound described as World-Gypsy "rootsy" and funconscious, their first colloboration is a tune for their new video, "Let Me Down Gently". More to follow!


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